Water utilities policy at Five43 in Bel Air, Maryland
December 2021 - June 2022
March 2022 - June 2022

Prior year usage: $32.32 (sewer only)


Utility Policy 

Real Property Section 8-212.4, requires a landlord that uses a ratio utility billing system to bill 

tenants for one or more utilities to provide the following information to all prospective tenants in writing: 

(i) You will be billed by the landlord for allocated utility services for water and sewer charges; 

(ii) link to the last two water bills; 

(iii) One-half (1/2) of your pro rata share shall be computed based on the ratio that the square footage that your unit bears to the square footage of all units in that Community; and the remaining half (1/2) of the Community’s Water and Sewer Bill will be allocated to each unit based on a percentage assigned to each unit calculated by the number of occupants residing in each unit compared to the total number of occupants in the Community; 

(iv) Any disputes relating to the computation of your bill are between you and the 


(v) The average monthly bill for all dwelling units in 

the residential rental property in the previous calendar year, by 

utility are as follows: 


 (vi) You have the right to inspect records retained by us that document a bill for utilities on written request; 

(vii)  Resident shall pay to landlord’s billing service a one-time account set-up fee, which shall be due and payable as part of your first payment of the Water and Sewer Bill. In addition, the landlord may add to the Water and Sewer Bill a nominal administrative fee per month to help defray the cost of the Owner’s billing service. The current fee is $5.00. 



If you have any questions regarding this Policy please contact us.

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